Treasurer’s Report 2021


At the time of the last AGM on the 26th February 2020, RTC had just under £10,550 in the main bank account.

During the 2020-2021 year a total of £4,468 was received from memberships. This was a jump of £1,349 from last year due to new members joining after lockdown, and the addition of monthly memberships. On top of this, £125 was received from £5 visitors fees.

£260 was received from Riccall Football Club, owing to their use of the tennis courts.

But the bulk of the income from the year year came from two of much needed grants. The first grant was received as a part of Sport England’s Emergency Support Fund in May, amounting to £1,500. Thanks goes to John Lintott who for applied for the grant.

In December, RTC also managed to secure an additional £5,000 grant from Lloyd’s Bank’s Community Funding initiative. With big thanks going to George Lintott for organising the application.

The only other income for the year was from the resale of unused tennis balls that were bought for the tennis season, which brought in £224.

The total income for the 2020-2021 year was £11,577.


The club spent £487 on electricity. This was down around £1000 from last year due to reduced usage during lockdown.

Tennis balls for the season were bought at a cost of £360 before it was confirmed that the leagues weren’t going to be played this year.

The biggest expense during the year was the repainting of the tennis courts, totalling £8,520.

A further £2,788 was spent completing the redevelopment of the club house. £2,500 of this was paid to Craig Lawrence, with the remaining £288 spent on new floor tiles and tile adhesive. Thanks goes to Craig Dennis for sourcing tiles.

£37 we spent on two new batteries to get the ball machine working again.

RSA affiliation, providing insurance for the club, cost the £300 this year.

A new website and court booking system we built free of charge by Nick Clemishaw. The additional cost over last year due to the new web hosting package overlapping the old one, as well as a new domain name £276 was spent in total was spent on this.

The £22 miscellaneous amount was spent on beers given to Rex and John Prickett for helping to fix the floodlights.

In total over the 2020-2021 year, the club spent £12,791. Minus income, resulted in a yearly deficit of £1,214.94.

Additionally, £1,410 from the two smaller accounts were transferred to the main account in April to help cover the cost of the court repainting.

The final main account balance as of the 10th March 2021 stood at £10,731, with around £8.01 in the two additional accounts.