Treasurer’s Report 2022


At the start of last season (10th March 2021) the club had a total of £10,731 in the account.

Memberships for the year brought in £4,895. This was an increase of £427 from last year, despite the reduction in the cost of family memberships.

The club also received £195 from £5 visitors fees, along with £120 coming in from match fees for the half season played.

The club raised £136.63 through a JustGiving fundraising appeal to replace the floodlights. This figure was increased to £164.63 thanks to a lockdown fundraising quiz hosted by Sasha.

From of start of 2022 the club began receiving £20 per month rental income from the Liquorice All Sorts acting group for the storage of their props in the clubhouse’s spare room, bringing in £60.

Resale of unused tennis balls also brought in £180.

The total income for the year was £5,874.63.


During the year the club spent £543.94 on electricity. This was down on previous years due to covid restrictions and reduced floodlight usage.

Tennis balls bought for the short season cost £225.

For court maintenance, the club bought two wind breakers costing £128.90 in total.

£40 was used to purchase several bags of granite stones to spruce up the clubhouse patio area.

For equipment replacement, £71 was spent on a new first aid kit and a new combination padlock.

RSA affiliation, which provides insurance for the club, was halved this year due to the reduced use during lockdown. This cost the club £150 for the year.

The website hosting for, domain name and online booking system were renewed at a cost of £180 for the year.

£15.40 was paid in newly introduced banking fees on the club’s charitable bank account held with HSBC. The committee is currently exploring all the options available to reduce these fees.

In total the club spent £1,354.24 during the 2021-2022 year. Minus income, this resulted in a surplus of £4,520.39.

The final account balance as of the 10th March 2022 stood at £15,251.39, with just over £8 in the two additional accounts.

Financial details for the year (in purple) and the previous 3 years can be seen in the table below: