Treasurer’s Report 2023


At the start of last season (20th March 2022) the club had a total of £15,251.39 in the account.

Memberships for the year brought in £4,043, a decrease of £852 from last year, with 12 fewer members (60 vs 72).

The club received £145 from £5 visitors fees, along with £526 from match fees for the four teams (full season vs half season last year).

The club raised £3 through a Monday coffee morning initiative, and £28 from floodlight contributions.

The club received £20 per month from the Riccallish Allsorts acting group for prop storage in the clubhouse’s spare room, bringing in £200 (February and March payments still to come for 2023).

Clubhouse keys totalled £40.

The total income for the year was £4,985.


The main expense for the year was £15,336 spent on the new LED floodlights.

£469.92 was spent on electricity, mainly for floodlight usage.

Tennis balls purchased for the full season cost £390.92, and a total of £260 was also spent on post match food.

£49 was spent on equipment replacement, including £22 for a new door handle for the clubhouse, and £27 having new keys cut.

RSA affiliation, providing insurance for the club, reverted back to its regular cost of £300 for the year.

Website hosting for, domain name & online booking system were renewed at a cost of £180 for the year.

£53.20 was paid in standard banking fees from the club’s HSBC bank account. The committee is looking into eliminating this fee by switching to a different back account.

£37 was spent on printing flyers for a winter membership promotion campaign.

In total the club spent £17,076.02 during the 2022-2023 year, with a deficit of £12,091.02.

The account balance as of the 8th February 2023 stood at £3,160.42, with just over £8 in the two additional accounts.

Financial details for the year (in purple) and the previous 3 years can be seen in the table below: